Smart Financial Suite

Smart Financial Suite offers a comprehensive, automated approach to managing your finance operations.

Streamline accounts payable and receivable, optimize claims processing, and simplify contract management—all that complements your existing ERP. Think of it as the automation of the last mile, enhancing your ERP's financial suite with precise accuracy, reduced manual effort, and reduce potential fraud. Improve efficiency and agility while keeping your entire financial workflow connected and seamless.

Expense Claim Processing

Go Paperless, Enhance Efficiency  

Transform your expense management with Automatic Receipt Digitization solution powered by ABBYY's Intelligent Document Processing technology. Leveraging advanced OCR technology, we convert paper receipts from any country and in multiple languages into digital formats, effortlessly integrating them into your ERP system. Designed for the global business traveler, our solution minimizes manual data entry, accelerates expense processing, reduce double charge, and ensures accuracy.

Key Benefits and Features: 
Efficient Digitization: OCR converts scanned receipts into structured XML data files, delivering them directly to your ERP for easy processing.
Global Compatibility: Process receipts from various countries and languages, ensuring hassle-free expense claims for employees on business travel.
Adaptive Learning: Superusers can train the system on new receipt formats, increasing accuracy and reducing errors over time.
Manual Quality Checks: Poor-quality receipt data undergoes manual review to maintain precision.
Expense Validation: Automatically reject non-approved expenses or those from unapproved merchants, ensuring compliance.

- ABBYY Flexi Capture/ Vantage
- Golang
- Windows service to send data the ERP endpoints

Automatic Ordering From Paper PO to Fulfilment

Elevate your purchase order fulfilment from paper to digital with precision. Our smart system employs ABBYY Intelligent Document processing to convert POs to XML, seamlessly matching products using advanced NLP and search algorithms. Confirm via our user-friendly portal, and we'll integrate the approved XML directly into your ERP, refining the process continuously.

Efficiency Boost
Swift, error-free order processing.

Harnessing ABBYY Flexi Capture, Java, MySQL, PHP, Python, and AWS.

Adaptive Learning
The system evolves for smarter matches. Accelerate your ordering today – step into a streamlined future!

- ABBYY Flexi Capture
- Java
- My SQL
- Python for NLP
- AWS Cloud