Our Solutions

Business Process Automation

Our BP Automation Service is based on the extensive experience of our founders (20+ years of experience each). Our BPM services are positioned to ensure the success of the automation implementation and to take your enterprise step by step from the idea envisioning stage until you achieve your enterprise goals. Business process automation initiatives are falsely abstracted to selecting the tool, requesting lists of processes from each department, and then, finding a partner to develop them via one or more phases. This strategy ignores organisational readiness for process automation which could reduce overall success.

A unique perspective on the Business Process Automation Arena
We can help your organisation assess its readiness for process automation by measuring process maturity and building established processes in the very early stages of automation. Also, we can help establish readiness metrics and apply it to the department level. This helps the BPA project owner to know which department to start with and which department needs to advance its maturity before automation. Overall, it affects the effectiveness of the BPA project.

  • We can help you structure the BPA implementation team. For example establishing automation helpdesk team will help control employee churn at the early stages and contain any negative feedback which increases overall project satisfaction from the internal stakeholders.

  • We can help you choose the proper technical tool for automation based on your enterprise technical, financial and managerial constraints.

  • We can help your enterprise choose the right UI and devices for the process. Most of the current implementations focus on desktop employees who are part of the process. They ignore field staff who should contribute to the process from their locations. In some cases, it is an IVR which moves the process from a step to another. In other cases, the step could be a sensor or a device which integrates with the automated process as is recognised by the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • We can help you see your process from a fraud prevention and/or detection perspective. In this view, we may suggest the integration of certain steps with employee digital signature tokens and in other steps use automated data input tools/devices such as scanning and OCRing to reduce manual intervention. In other situations, the input could be reading from a device or a sensor directly to avoid human errors. We can study the process from the perspective of “violation” from inside or outside agents.

  • We can help your enterprise in developing process analytics to discover the real as-is process and its gaps from the documented process.

Machine Learning  

‘In the past, a lot of S&P 500 CEOs wished they had started thinking sooner than they did about their Internet strategy. I think five years from now there will be a number of S&P 500 CEOs that will wish they’d started thinking earlier about their AI strategy.’  Says Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Baidu Research,

We can help your organisation solve complex problems using Machine Learning (The most advanced area of the AI field). Our team has developed a solution to read National IDs and this automatic NID reader can eliminate manual intervention in areas where the system interacts with humans. Usually, such points are the most vulnerable areas to fraud or at least unintended human errors. Other problems can only be solved using ML and deep networks in order to provide unique solutions. 

Other Common Solutions

There are lots of other areas which we can help in its development like portals, websites or open source CRM implementations