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Seamless Integration Solutions

Unify Your Business Systems with Kiwi Systems' Seamless Integration Solutions

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring your various business systems work together harmoniously is crucial. At Kiwi Systems, our Seamless Integration Solutions are designed to connect your software applications and IT systems into a cohesive, efficient, and functional unit, allowing you to enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth.

Time Bucket Technical Development

For customers with short but frequent requirements where every request can be measured in terms of man-weeks. A traditional bidding cycle will prevent them from responding promptly to market change. We offer a service agreement to be established based on buying professional services time-bucket. The PS time bucket is a certain time, i,e, 15 man-months where the customer can utilize them frequently and short requests. The process is as follows; the customer requests a change then our team estimates the time effort and negotiates it with the customer manager. Once approved, our team implements the changes. Once delivered the time-bucket is reduced by the amount spent on the assignment. A flexible SLA will be signed and a team manager will be assigned to the engagement from our resource pool. There will be a monthly service report and monthly meeting to evaluate/discuss service issues and plans.

Database Excellence Suite

Empower Your Data with Kiwi Systems' Database Excellence Suite

Welcome to Kiwi Systems’ Database Excellence Suite, where we offer comprehensive database administration, monitoring, and optimization services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Whether you're looking to ensure maximum efficiency, enhance security, or maintain impeccable data integrity, our team of expert Database Administrators (DBAs) is here to help.