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 Our goal is to save corporate operational cost. We create innovative ideas and solutions, use diversified technologies, and employ both hardware and software in order to cut your costs. We guarantee a return on your investment.


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Our consultation services help you find areas of potential savings in your operations. We will propose a solution to save you money or we will not charge you anything
Business process automation should consider the organisational readiness for process automation to succeed 
No Q is our cloud based solution for  reducing customer wait times and reducing overall costs. It makes your staff serve more customers with the same setup
Cloud based solution for promoting  access to poultry best practices and management tools


Do not build 100% of a professional services team in-house. It will be costly, without an acceptable return on investment. Offloading non-core tasks will reduce your costs, team liability and keep your intellectual property in-house. Non-core tasks are UI-UX, testing, system analysis, customer training and project management. 
Your team should include system and enterprise architects, product managers, developers, and scientists. Other tasks are not core.

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Your testing needs may vary from test strategy to test planning, from functional testing to non-functional testing in addition to areas like mobile testing, configuration testing, and UX/UI testing on different platforms. It is difficult and also cost prohibitive for a company to build all this expertise in-house.  

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Contact us to agree on a free consultation session where our team will understand your business operations pains and your most money/time consuming areas. Then we will propose one or more solutions to save on your costs. You will know how much you save by applying these solutions.
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Kiwi Systems Affliates

Kiwi Systems has aligned with a well-selected list of affiliates to serve the market with a unique set of products selected to be suitable for our customers in New Zealand and to serve well our main three industries; Healthcare, Retail, Poultry and Agriculture and professional services.