Blockchain Applications

These are some of the Blockchain solutions and products we developed for our customers

Zero-Trust Trade Registry 

The system brings together a group of trade partners, unknown to each other and operating in a zero-trust environment, to facilitate secure financial transactions. It addresses the following crucial challenges:

Document Exchange in Zero-Trust Environments: How can trade partners exchange documents and messages securely while completing transactions without mutual trust?
On-Premise Document Security: How can a trade partner maintain control of their documents on-premise while ensuring all participants can verify their availability and authenticity?
Document Integrity: How can partners guarantee that unshared documents remain unchanged without their knowledge?
Request Authenticity: How can a partner be sure that a request is genuine and initiated by the intended party?
System Trustworthiness: How can a system ensure that it neither retains documents nor emulates users while remaining trustworthy to all participants?

Key Components and Solutions:
Blockchain Nodes: Each trade partner uses blockchain nodes in their cloud environment to maintain a decentralized, tamper-resistant record of all transactions.
PKI and Cryptography: Public Key Infrastructure and cryptographic methods verify identities and secure communications.
Desktop Wallets: Windows, Linux, and Mac desktop wallets protect encryption keys for each participant.
On-Premise CMS: A local Content Management System ensures sensitive documents remain secure within the organization's premises.
Peer-to-Peer Communication: Confidential data and documents are not stored in a central system but exchanged directly between partners using secure peer-to-peer networks.
Document Hashing and Watermarking: Digital hashing and watermarking provide assurance of document authenticity and prevent unauthorized changes.

The advanced architecture took two years to develop and is already implemented in several ports and customer networks across Southeast Asia.  

- Golang - Rust - Postgres SQL - BigchainDB - Azure cloud - Centos 7 - Cryptography - Qt, QML, and C++ - SQLite - Jenkins for DevOps