Zero-Trust Trade Registry using Blockchain

The system facilitates a group of trade partners who do not know each other and have zero-trust to complete a financial transaction. The system answers the following concerns
 - How would trade partners with zero-trust exchange documents and messages to complete a transaction?
 - Can a trade partner keep his documents on-premise while everyone else in the transaction is assured that it is available and authentic?
 - Can you assure your trading partners that a document, which is not shared on the system will not change without their knowledge?
 - How can you know that a request received from a trade partner is authentic and initiated by him for real?
 - How would you use a system in trade that you do not trust yet you need to be assured that it will not keep your documents or emulate any of the users? 

How the system does all these challenging tasks
- Use of Blockchain nodes at trade partners clouds
- Use of PKI and cryptography to ensure who is who
- Use of desktop wallet (Windows, Linux, and Mac) to keep your encryption keys. 
- Use of on premise CMS to keep your documents safe
- Use of peer-to-peer communication to ensure that confidential data/documents are not stored in the central system
- Use of hash/ digital watermarking to ensure document authenticity 

It is a 2 years project with advanced architecture and is used in a few customers and ports in South East Asia 

- Golang 
- Rust 
- Postgres SQL
- BigchainDB
- Azure cloud
- Centos 7
- Cryptography
- Qt, QML, and C++
- SQLite
- Jenkins for DevOps