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Rapid Portal Maker is your go-to solution for creating powerful, custom portals with speed and ease.

Leveraging low-code technology, it enables you to quickly design and launch versatile portals tailored to your business needs—whether it's a marketplace, automatic ordering system, customer portal, or transaction manager. This streamlined platform simplifies the creation process, minimizing development time while ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. With Rapid Portal Maker, you can deliver highly functional, user-friendly portals that drive engagement and efficiency, all without compromising on quality or customization.

B2B marketplace revitalization

Our customer had an outdated marketplace and it is based on old technologies. Our customer wants to capitalize on its success and customer base by taking its marketplace to the next level. Initially, the system needs to be upgraded. Then, the marketplace should support more suppliers and customers and provide more detailed views of data. Moreover, the system should be able to handle larger volumes of transactions. Positive facts are: 
- Both marketplace customers and suppliers are willing to use the newly renovated marketplace and cannot wait for it.
- New customers and suppliers are willing to join the new marketplace business model. It fills a market gap.

Our customer wants to control his investment. So, Kiwi Systems' solution is to revitalize the old system to be ready for modern use. Then when the marketplace creates momentum and cash flow starts to be positive and accumulate, the actual large transformation project will be justified. We managed this by
- Building a proper source control of the existing system
- Upgrading OS and DB to newer versions supported by technology vendors
- Integrating with a payment gateway
- Change the business model to avail of new functionalities to new levels of users.
- Adding new functions to reduce operations overhead and reduce operating expenses.

The most important value of Kiwi Systems' work was
- Building system knowledge which helps support and maintain the system as the demand arises
- Spent a fraction of the cost that would be spent in replacing the system. This has availed budget for other business activities to grow our customer's profit 

- Centos
- IBM Cloud 

Sales Agent Incentives

Daily, sales data are fed to our Sales Incentives system from the back-end system. Store sales agents can see their sales achievements daily. They can check their personal dashboard, store dashboard, and region KPIs. Regional managers can set monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets for their teams. Sales targets are linked to incentives. Sales agents compete with each other on sales incentives and monitor daily progress. Sales managers can create sales targets based on company objectives. The system was used by one of the mobile operators in NZ.

- .Net and C#
- SQL Server
- Azure Active Directory B2C

iOS Wearable Device Data Capturing

It is an iOS application to capture data from an Empatica device. Data is sent to a Node.js endpoint in the back-end server. The data read are human body vital signs. Some of this data is read several times a second and produces around 3M bytes per hour. The data transfer rate is large and the system has to keep running in real-time. A real-time app on iOS is never easy as iOS usually kills any process that consumes the CPU for more than a couple of seconds.

- Swift
- Realm DB
- Node.js for the back-end
- Empatica SDK