B2B marketplace revitalization

Our customer had 10 years old marketplace and it is based on old technology. Our customer wants to capitalize on its success and customer base by taking its marketplace to the next level. Initially, they want to upgrade the marketplace to support wider suppliers and customers range and to provide them with more detailed views of all the available data. Also, they want to expand their system to handle higher volumes of transactions.

Positive facts
  - Both marketplace customers and suppliers are willing to use the new expansion idea and cannot wait for it.
  - More customers and suppliers are willing to join the new marketplace business model. It fills a market gap 

Kiwi Systems solution is instead of doing a big transformation project with big budget we can revitalize the old system to be ready for modern use. Then when the marketplace creates momentum and cash flow starts to be positive the actual large transformation project will be then justified. We managed this to happen by 
  - Building a proper source control of the existing system
  - Upgrading OS and DB to newer versions supported by technology vendors
  - Integrating with a payment gateway
  - Change the business model to avail new functionalities to new levels of users.
  - Adding new functions to reduce operations overhead on our customer and reduce its operating expenses.

The most important value of Kiwi System work was

 - Building system knowledge which helps support and maintain the system as the demand arise
 - Spent fraction of the cost that would be spent in replacing the system. This has availed budget for other business activities to ensure business success

- PHP 
- MySQL 
- Centos 
- IBM Cloud

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