Automatic Ordering From Paper PO to Fulfilment

Customers send paper copies of their purchase orders (POs). Using optical character recognition (OCR), these POs are converted to XML files and sent to the PO product matching stage. 

The product matching stage helps identify the best product match from the internal product catalog using NLP technologies and advanced search algorithms. 

The user confirms the automatic matching through a portal and approves it. Then the final approved XML PO is sent to the ERP for fulfillment. 

The system learns from the above cycle and improves its future matching for similar items. 

Product catalog data cleansing and token normalization is an essential step before the search is implemented effectively.

The system architecture is closely coupled with endpoints communicating over a proprietary service bus.

Technologies used
- ABBYY Flexi Capture
- Java
- My SQL
- Python for NLP 
- AWS Cloud

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